#1 – In the beginning…..

Let me begin by saying we are an ordinary couple in our late 60’s, with an ordinary life, who love and worship God.  We know that Jesus Christ died and rose again so our sins could be forgiven and we could be reconciled with God and have life everlasting.

Our sailing life began after my husband, Jim, retired from his job of 28 years.  My dream, which I didn’t happen to share with Jim until we were in our 50’s, was to buy a sailboat and for us to sail to far off, exotic places.  In 1993 we sold our house and bought a 47’ sailboat.  We lived aboard and sailed for 6 years in search of that dream.  Our journeys took us from San Francisco to Mexico to Hawaii, back to San Francisco and again to Mexico.   During this time I noticed the lack of Born Again Christian groups in and around the anchorages and marinas in the cruising community but it didn’t make an impact on me until some 20 years later.Makini

In the next installment I will tell of the wonders and miracles God has performed in our lives to accomplish His will for us and how it has unfolded to the point we are today.


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  1. Waiting to read your next posting.

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